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that hasn't come up yet is immigration. we know how important latinos are in the swing states. chris: we asked the matthews meters -- could the obama team have played things smarter after the debacle in denver in that first debate? 11 say yes, they could have done it better. one person said something like, "heck, yeah." and some lodged their votes with multiple exclamation points. including you, john. [laughter] >> i was in all caps with a lot of exclamation points. chris: was it a general sort of hand-wringing? >> yes, both. it was funny and a lot of democrats laughed at it, but it doesn't speak to the lives of real people. one of the challenges is to go back to the format. it's hard to prosecutor a case against the other guy when you're also trying to answer people in the audience. obama is going to get asked, there's going to be one person in the audience, i guarantee it, who's going to be the disappointed obama voter, like he faced in the town hall on cnbc. someone is going to say, you know, i believed in you, i really had invested so much in you, and you've disappointed me so much.
. on the eastern shore, a slight chance were sprinkles tomorrow. we should be cloudy. ocean city latino were some good weather after some fog burns off tomorrow morning. but some sun on thursday. 70 tomorrow. sunny and cool on thursday. maybe a sprinkle and a few spots of that second front. beautiful weather for the reuters on saturday. comfortable at 65 and nice football weather on sunday with a high around 70. >> is the story we brought you first yesterday. >> the comeback is in the way in the insect world. why the worst stink bug infestation is in our neck of the woods. >> i got my inspiration from native americans. they wear a lot of feathers. i can do something bigger and better. >> this local teen took that inspiration and ran with it. her business is lending her national attention. national attention. as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any ch
. joining us, editor-in-chief and nbc latino contributor, jack rico. you excited? >> yes. >> across to you. >> beautiful lady from alberta, canada, with her husband of 25 years celebrating. we're so glad you're here with us. finish the lyrics please to this ricky martin song. ♪ take away your pain like a bullet to your brain ♪ ♪ upside inside out ♪ living la vida loca. >> happy anniversary. [ ding ] >> looked a little scared. she nailed it. >> she absolutely did. >> better get it. one of the best-selling singles of all time, ricky martin that particular song is his signature song. not only that the guy basically created the latin explosion of 1999, paved the way for jennifer lopez and enrique iglesias. >> packed the plaza when he visits us. back to kath. >> lovely lady. who is this latina star won countless awards with from "modern family." please. let's not go through it. who is it? rosie perez? >> no, sophia. >> vergara. let's mix it up a little. >> that was a gimme. so fee yeah is hot. on fire. >> she is on fire. one of the most famous personalities in hollywood. they are from b
very well. the latino population not just in california but throughout the southwest, throughout the midwest and the rest of the country, the reality is that as a party republicans are doomed, if they don't find a way to court hispanics in a way to deal with issues that hispanics care about, the full range of things. what do republicans do? what does romney do? what does the party do? you've been in this situation. >> well, one of the great senators, senator mccain, has for years been a strong believer in immigration reform. he has worked to get a reach across the aisle with kennedy. they both had a really great plan. and i think the plan should be reasserted, because it doesn't make any sense that for the last 10 years, maybe before i even became governor, they have talked about immigration reform. and every single time they get into it they say, well, we have an election coming up. well, hello? i mean, the history of america that every two years there's an election. you know, every four years there's a presidential election. so there's nothing new. you've got to get the people'
the demographic issue. the fight for women voters, the fight for latino voters, how much that's going to impact. >>> plus, what are we going to see from either a romney administration or an obama second term? we'll get into that right after second term? we'll get into that right after this break. when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our teachers... they can inspire our students. let's solve this. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. governor of getting it done. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is, business pro. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro. yes, it is. i'i invest in what i know.r.
campaign is going to be to rally some of his core supporters, latinos, women voters, african-americans to offset some of the potential losses in other groups. the other thing that the obama campaign tonight is touting, their ground game. they have been working on this for over a year. they feel like that is a strength. and tonight they are also saying that president obama had a strong performance, saying that he was authoritative without being too aggressive, but i'm sure that's something that will be debated quite a bit over the coming days and weeks. >> kristen welker, peter alexander, again, just two members of our traveling team. this is when the going gets tough, 14 days to go. when we wake up tomorrow morning with, again, nationally at least a race that stands at 47%-47%. a couple of things to tell you about in addition to a summation on your late local news tonight, it's important that you know about "today" tomorrow morning. tomorrow savannah guthrie will have her interview with republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan. matt lauer will have his interview with
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)